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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

First-authored and co-first-authored papers (*equal contribution)

1. Chuanzhen Zhao, Tianxing Man, Yan Cao, Paul S. Weiss, Harold G. Monbouquette, and Anne M. Andrews, "Flexible and Implantable Polyimide Aptamer-Field-Effect Transistor Biosensors", ACS Sensors, Article ASAP (2022)


2. Bo Wang,* Chuanzhen Zhao,* Zhaoqing Wang, Kyung-Ae Yang, Xuanbing Cheng, Wenfei Liu, Wenzhuo Yu, Shuyu Lin, Yichao Zhao, Kevin M. Cheung, Haisong Lin, Hannaneh Hojaiji, Paul S. Weiss, Milan N. Stojanovic, A. Janet Tomiyama, Anne M. Andrews, Sam Emaminejad, “Wearable Aptamer-Field-Effect Transistor Sensing System for Noninvasive Cortisol Monitoring”, Science Advances 8, eabk0967 (2022)

3. Chuanzhen Zhao, Kevin M. Cheung, I-Wen Huang, Hongyan Yang, Nako Nakatsuka, Wenfei Liu, Yan Cao, Tianxing Man, Paul S. Weiss, Harold G. Monbouquette, and Anne M. Andrews, “Implantable Aptamer Field-Effect Transistor Neuroprobes for in Vivo Neurotransmitter Monitoring”, Science Advances 7, eabj7422 (2021)

4.  Chuanzhen Zhao, Qingzhou Liu, Kevin M. Cheung, Wenfei Liu, Qing Yang, Xiaobin Xu, Anne M. Andrews, Chongwu Zhou, and Paul S. Weiss, “Narrower Nanoribbon Biosensors Fabricated by Chemical Lift-Off Lithography Show Higher Sensitivity”, 
ACS Nano,  15, 904–915 (2021)

5.  Chuanzhen Zhao, Tianxing Man, Xiaobin Xu, Qing Yang, Wenfei Liu, Steven J. Jonas, Michael A. Teitell, Pei-Yu Chiou, and Paul S. Weiss, “Photothermal Intracellular Delivery Using Gold Nanodisk Arrays”, ACS Materials Letters2, 1475–1483 (2020)

6.  Qingzhou Liu,* Chuanzhen Zhao,* Mingrui Chen, Yihang Liu, Zhiyuan Zhao, Fanqi Wu, Zhen Li, Paul S. Weiss, Anne M. Andrews, and Chongwu Zhou, “Flexible Multiplexed In2O3 Nanoribbon Aptamer-Field-Effect Transistor for Biosensing”, iScience, 23, 101469 (2020)

7.  Chuanzhen Zhao, Xiaobin Xu, Abdul Rahim Ferhan, Naihao Chiang, Joshua A. Jackman, Qing Yang, Wenfei Liu, Anne M. Andrews, Nam-Joon Cho, and Paul S. Weiss, “Scalable Fabrication of Quasi-One-Dimensional Au Nanoribbons for Plasmonic Sensing”, Nano Letters 20, 1747–1754 (2020)


8.  Chuanzhen Zhao, Xiaobin Xu, Sang-Hoon Bae, Qing Yang, Wenfei Liu, Jason N. Belling, Kevin M. Cheung, You Seung Rim, Yang Yang, Anne M. Andrews, and Paul S. Weiss, “Large-Area, Ultrathin Metal Oxide Semiconductor Nanoribbon Arrays Fabricated by Chemical Lift-Off Lithography”, Nano Letters 18, 5590–5595 (2018)

9.  Chuanzhen Zhao, Xiaobin Xu, Qing Yang, Tianxing Man, Steven J. Jonas, Jeffrey J. Schwartz, Anne M. Andrews, and Paul S. Weiss, “Self-Collapse Lithography”, Nano Letters 17, 5035–5042 (2017)

10.  Chuanzhen Zhao, Zelong Bai, Xiangyou Liu, Yijia Zhang, Bingsuo Zou and Haizheng Zhong “Small GSH-Capped CuInS2 Quantum Dots: MPA-Assisted Aqueous Phase Transfer and Bio-Imaging Applications”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 17623–17629 (2015)

Co-authored peer-reviewed papers

11. Min Sun, Zhenkai Ji, Le He, Chuanzhen Zhao, Liang Ma, Xiuzhen Xu, Eric Jan Cornel, Zhen Fan, and Xiaobin Xu, “Instant Intracellular Delivery of miRNA via Photothermal Effect Induced on Plasmonic Pyramid Arrays”, Advanced Functional Materials 322107999 (2022)

12. Wenfei Liu, Jiabao Wang, Xiuzhen Xu, Chuanzhen Zhao, Xiaobin Xu, and Paul S. Weiss, “Single-Step Dual-LayerPhotolithography for Tunable and Scalable Nanopatterning”, ACS Nano  15, 12180–12188 (2021)

13.  Kevin M. Cheung, Dominik M. Stemer, Chuanzhen Zhao, Thomas D. Young, Jason N. Belling, Anne M. Andrews, and Paul S. Weiss, “Chemical Lift-Off Lithography of Metal and Semiconductor Surfaces”, ACS Materials Letters 2, 76–83 (2019)

14.  Kevin M. Cheung, Kyung-Ae Yang, Nako Nakatsuka, Chuanzhen Zhao, Mao Ye, Michael Jung, Hongyan Yang, Paul S. Weiss, Milan Stojanovic, and Anne M. Andrews, “Monitoring Phenylalanine with Aptamer-Field-Effect Transistor Sensors”, ACS Sensors 4, 3308–3317 (2019) (Cover article)

15.  Xuanbing Cheng, Bo Wang, Yichao Zhao, Hannaneh Hojaiji, Shuyu Lin, Ryan Shih, Haisong Lin, Stephanie Tamayosa, Brittany Ham, Phoenix Stout, Kamyer Salahi, Zhaoqing Wang, Chuanzhen Zhao, Jiawei Tan, and Sam Emaminejad, “A Mediator-free Electroenzymatic Sensing Methodology to Mitigate Ionic and Electroactive Interferent Effects for Reliable Wearable Metabolite and Nutrient Monitoring”, Advanced Functional Materials 30, 1908507 (2019)

16.  Tianxing Man, Xiongfeng Zhu, Yu Ting Chow, Emma R. Dawson, Ximiao Wen, Alexander N. Patananan, Tingyi “Leo” Liu, Chuanzhen Zhao, Cong Wu, Jason S. Hong, Pei-Shan Chung, Daniel L. Clemens, Bai-Yu Lee, Paul S. Weiss, Michael A. Teitell, and Pei Yu Chiou. “Intracellular Photothermal Delivery for Suspension Cells Using Sharp Nanoscale Tips in Microwells”, ACS Nano 13, 10835–10844 (2019)

17.  John M. Abendroth, Kevin M. Cheung, Dominik Stemer, Chuanzhen Zhao, Mohammed El Hadri, Eric Fullerton, and Paul S. Weiss, “Spin-Dependent Ionization of Chiral Molecular Films”, Journal of the American Chemistry Society 141, 3863–3874 (2019)

18.  Praveen Bandaru, Dafeng Chu, Wujin Sun, Soufian Lasil, Chuanzhen Zhao, Shuang Hou, Shiming Zhang, Jiahua Ni, Giorgia Cefaloni, Samad Ahadian, Shiladitya Sengupta, Junmin Lee, and Ali Khademhosseini. “A Microfabricated Sandwiching Assay for Nano-Liter and High-Throughput Biomarker Screening”, Small 15, 190030 (2019)

19.  Nako Nakatsuka, Kyung-Ae Yang, John M. Abendroth, Kevin M. Cheung, Xiaobin Xu, Hongyan Yang, Chuanzhen Zhao, Bowen Zhu, You Seung Rim, Yang Yang, Paul S. Weiss, Milan Stojanovic, and Anne M. Andrews, “Aptamer-Field-Effect Transistors Overcome Debye Length Limitations and Enable Small-Molecule Sensing”, Science 362, 319–324 (2018)

20. Xiaobin Xu, Qing. Yang, Natcha Wattanatorn, Chuanzhen Zhao, Naihao Chiang, Steven J. Jonas, and Paul S. Weiss. “Multiple-Patterning Nanosphere Lithography for Periodic 3D Hierarchical Nanostructures”, ACS Nano 11, 10384–10391 (2017) (Cover article, Featured in Science 358, 883 (2017))

21.  Xiaobin Xu, Qing Yang, Kevin M. Cheung, Chuanzhen Zhao, Natcha Wattanatorn, Jason N. Belling, John M. Abendroth, Lian S. Slaughter, Chard A. Mirkin, Anne M. Andrews, and Paul S. Weiss. “Polymer Pen Chemical Lift-Off Lithography”, Nano Letters 17, 3302–3311 (2017)

22.  Xiangyou Liu, Gary B Braun, Haizheng Zhong, David J Hall, Wenlong Han, Mingde Qin, Chuanzhen Zhao, Meina Wang, Zhi‐Gang She, Chuanbao Cao, Michael J Sailor, William B Stallcup, Erkki Ruoslahti, and Kazuki N Sugahara, “Tumor‐Targeted Multimodal Optical Imaging with Versatile Cadmium‐Free Quantum Dots”, Advanced Functional Materials 26, 267–276 (2015)

23.  Jaemyung Kim, You Seung Rim, Huajun Chen, Huan H. Cao, Hannah L. Hinton, Chuanzhen Zhao, Anne M. Andrews, Yang Yang, Paul S. Weiss, “Fabrication of High-Performance Ultrathin In2O3 Film Field-Effect Transistors and Biosensors by Using Chemical Lift-Off Lithography”, ACS Nano 9, 4572–4582 (2015)

24.  Yijia Zhang, Ting Han, Shangzhi Gu, Tianye Zhou, Chuanzhen Zhao, Yuexin Guo, Xiao Feng, Bing Tong, Jianbing Shi, Yongping Dong, “Mechanochromic Behavior of Aryl-Substituted Buta-1,3-Diene Derivatives with Aggregation Enhanced Emission”, Chemistry – A European Journal 20, 8856–8861 (2014)

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