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Chuanzhen Zhao is an NIH/NIBIB NRSA F32 postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Zhenan Bao's lab at Stanford University. Dr. Zhao currently works on developing flexible and stretchable biosensors and bioelectronics.


Dr. Zhao did his Ph.D. with Prof. Paul S. Weiss and Prof. Anne M. Andrews at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His Ph.D. research focused on developing translational biosensors, including implantable neuroprobes and wearable devices, to monitor chemical signaling in the body.

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June 2024

Dr. Zhao's review paper with Prof. Zhenan Bao on skin-inspired bioelectronic devices was published in Nature Reviews Bioengineering! Check it out to learn about recent progress on intrinsically stretchable materials, devices, and systems.

April 2024

Dr. Zhao's story on wearable cortisol biosensor development, "No Sweat", was highlighted in UCLA Magazine and UCLA Newsroom.

June 2023

Dr. Zhao was awarded the Best PhD Thesis Award in Nanotechnology “for developing and applying nanoscale tools critical to chemical sensing for the BRAIN Initiative, with further applications in wearable sensors”. See announcement from the IEEE Nanotechnology Council.

Nov 2022

Dr. Zhao was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science! Check out the news in Forbes and UCLA.

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